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The general sponsor of World Championship GPA/IPO 2016.

Cybermass Company - is a russian dynamically developing manufacturer of high-quality products.

Quality and taste - the main items of Cybermass products. The company's products is unparalleled in quality and effectiveness. Only workers dosage only efficient and high-quality ingredients.

Cybermass Company seeks to the establishing a higher standards in the sports nutrition. Company constantly monitors that all products meet the highest standards, using raw materials from leading manufacturers.


"Cobra" - is a major manufacturer of sports belts for powerlifting and weightlifting. His aim is - to ensure a high-quality products of sportsmen, hunters and law enforcement officers. Online Shop www.cobura.ru, delivers his products in all regions of Russia. The company manufactures products as for both professional athletes and amateurs. Sport line of belts is not in place, the new model is released each year. Constantly are made adjustments, improvements based on the feedback and wishes of clients, thus the quality of the products is only getting better. And satisfied athletes more and more every year.


The Association of Organizers Social Nutrition Dzerzhinsk is a Sponsor World Championship GPA / IPO. The company is not the first time helps to organize tournaments for power sports in the Nizhny Novgorod region and also sponsoring trips of athletes at major tournaments such as the IPL European Championships in Moscow, Championship of Volga Federal District "Battle of the Volga" in Nizhny Novgorod and others. Now the Association to a new level and will be sponsor a World Championship GPA / IPO. Website: здоровое-питание52.рф/aosp/


FREAK LABEL - first Russian underground brand of sports nutrition, founded in 2015. All supplements are manufactured in the United States and comply with GMP standards. The main concept of the company - "Do not be like everyone else!". Each product was developed based on the research and practice of athletes. The compositions of the products are unique and have no analogues on the market. What you thought was impossible yesterday - is available today! We have brought a modicum of madness in this gray and monotonous world. Website: freaklabel.net

bear grip

"Bear Paw "- supplier and manufacturer of sports equipment, founded in 2014. The main direction of: goods for the development of grip strength and hand. Since 2016 is the official supplier to the federation "Russian Union Of Armlifting". Company Website: bear-grip.ru

super set

The "Superset" company was founded in 1993 in Saint - Petersburg. The company's products are in demand and great respect among both amateurs and professional athletes. For more information about the brand in the group VKontakte: vk.com/fitnesliga


"Bigtropin" - hormone growth of premium class. The only hormone of the highest quality on the market . Convenient liquid form ! For us, quality - not an empty phrase, but a result . You need a quality standard? Then your choice - Bigtropin! Representative: vk.com/sevagan

Valhalla Labs

"Valhalla LABS" - is a company engaged in the direct supply of raw materials for the production of fatburners, pre-workout complex and nootropics in the Russian Federation.

The main activities of the company "Valhalla LABS" are also creating a prototype for the pre-workout and fatburners complexes of the ingredients that are used in modern sports nutrition industry, and their further production.

The range is always updated with new releases and most effective components for the production of sports supplements that you can buy in our company.

We offer for you to create its own line of sports supplements - from the composition development to the official product registration.

The main advantages of working with "Valhalla LABS" - is a high-quality raw materials, individual approach to each client and flexible pricing.

Website: http://valhallalabs.ru

Doktor Sila

"Doctor-Power" - Shop of sports nutrition and equipment. We represent only the best from the world of sports nutrition .

We are representatives of companies : Vp Lab, Blackstone labs, Platinum labs, Universal nutrition, Weider, Animal, Olimp.

Website: http://dr-power.ru

Korona Labs

"Korona Labs" - is not only a sport nutrition and health food, but also a new lifestyle! Modern technologies, guaranteed safety and efficiency, only high-quality raw materials and competent management allow us to make premium quality product at an affordable price.

Join the team "Korona Labs" and make your hobby profitable! Unique Sales System focuses on the benefit of customers and revenue partners. "Korona Labs" - sports, business, health!

Representative: https://vk.com/u.vyazmina

Website: http://koronalabs.ru/

Братство ВВ

Fund of assistance to veterans and invalids of hostilities "Brotherhood Internal Troops" is a partner of the federation "Russian Union Of Powerlifters".

The fund "Brotherhood IT" is one of the few voluntary non-profit organizations that provide assistance to the disabled, war veterans, WWII veterans, disabled military actions, families of the deceased soldiers, conducting patriotic work among young people, supports disabled children, is working with orphanages and boarding schools, develops sports for disabled, collaborating with the cadet corps, colleges, schools and Center for Physical Culture and Sport of Moscow.

Website: http://fond-bratstvo-vv.ru/

Русские ножи

People use a knives from ancient times. To this day, without this universal tool is difficult to do something in a variety of situations. A good knife is needed in the kitchen, and while hunting, fishing or expeditions. Shop "Russian Knives" - this is the place where you can find a knife to suit all tastes.

Shop "Russian Knives" is a sponsor of World Championship in powerlifting GPA / IPO and prepares their prizes with symbols of the championship. Awarding the best athletes will hold personally PR- Director - shop, as well as a remarkable athlete with the title of Master of Sport International Class - Kolyaskin Kirill. Also on championship will work point of sale, where you can get acquainted with the products and choose to your liking.
More information can be found on the website - http://russian-knife.ru


Shop of sports nutrition and accessories PowerShop is a sponsor of the World Championship GPA / IPO / RUP 2016

In our store you will find a sports nutrition and accessories of the highest quality at attractive prices from the world's most famous producers, as well as, you will get a competent and professional advice on sports nutrition, diet and exercise. Waiting for you!

Moscow, Bakuninskaya st, 17/28, entrance from the yard. Website: http://vk.com/powershop_moscow


LomovClub - sports club, which has no analogues in our country! 3000 square meter for all lovers of iron sport and strength in its pure, primordial form! Directions of Club: powerlifting, weightlifting, power extreme, CrossFit, bodyfitness, bodybuilding, fitness, boxing, mix fight, figure correction, improving gymnastics and recovery after injury, training with intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, kyphosis, drawing up an individual plan of training and proper nutrition , preparation for competitions, sauna, hammam, fitness bar, as well as the first in the Russian obstacle "Path of Ninja". Website: https://vk.com/lomovclub


Sponsor World Championship GPA / IPO - company LIFTWAFFE

Company LIFTWAFFE is the one of the fastest growing in the market of equipment for powerlifting. The products can be found far beyond the borders of Russia. It is used athletes from Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, Iran, Mongolia and other countries.

But above all, the company is focused on the domestic Russian market. LIFTWAFFE have 2 branches of the company in the Crimea and Blagoveshchensk and works with a large number of online stores, whose geography: Moscow, Tambov, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk.

Company Website: http://liftwaffe.ru


FONBET - the oldest and one of the largest in Russia and the former Soviet Union bookmaker.

Policy bookmakers FONBET - reliability and respectability. Not put in one's oar a price war, the office relies on impeccable service, an exceptionally wide range of events and bets, as well as instant settlements with their clients.

Сила Воли

"Sila Voli" (eng. "Will Power") - is a young brand of sportswear, which can not leave anyone indifferent person, who wants to change the world for the better. He's absorbed the spirit of our time, "Sila Voli" (eng. "Will Power") reflects in the concept of the product represented by the harsh everyday life: the aggressiveness of the world around us, self-development, the endless fight against injustice, fortified by faith in a bright future and strong principles and ideals. Until now, Russia did not have a brand that could unite the interests of people with real human values, people who are do good - to destroy or build, and we have solved this problem.

Website: http://vk.com/slvlwear


Sponsor of World Championship GPA / IPO 2016 - Workshop of Sport

Workshop of sport - it is a company created by people, who connected their life with a sport.

In the online shop Workshop of Sports: http://masterskaya-sporta.ru represented sports nutrition and equipment for power sports.

For sports nutrition we come from a practical point of view, primarily. To us it is important to know how work this or that product, its advantages and disadvantages when compared to other similar products, side effects, which is sure to inform our customers. Therefore, we do not impose the goods to the customer, which is profitable for us to sell and try to choose a product that is right for you!

In our online shop are only sports nutrition products that have passed state registration.

We offer accessories for power sports by leading national and international brands. Workshop of Sports is the official representative of the British premium brand SBD in Russia.

We are constantly working on the quality of our service and strive to make the price affordable, convenient and timely delivery and our online resources - informative.

Do sport with pleasure!

Website: http://masterskaya-sporta.ru/

Русская Турбина

Sponsor of World Championship GPA / IPO 2016 - "Russian Turbine"

The desire to become stronger, better of his former self - that is what unites us. We are get the inspired by your results and use the latest developments, we create products for a safe and steady progress!

"Russian Turbine" - a reliable companion of your growth!

Website: http://RussianTurbine.ru


Sponsor of World Championship GPA / IPO 2016 - Company Power PRO

Power PRO - the culture of an active lifestyle.

Train with the Power PRO!

Website: http://powerprorussia.ru/


"Iron World" - number one among the magazines and information portals about of power sports and martial arts.

Surveys of competitions, exclusive interviews, and all the secrets of champions about proper nutrition and training, see now in a free online version of the journal "Iron World"! For fans of smartphones and tablets, application "Iron World" is also available for download!

Follow the news on the information portal and YouTube-Channel "Iron World" - be aware of all the latest news from the world of the "iron" sport!

Website: http://ironworld.ru/


Sport Community "Theatre of Power" was organized in 2013 by Andrey Polyakov. It brought together like-minded people under the aegis engage in power sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting, armlifting, strongmen and skill mastery of power tricks great athletes, so сommunity members can also be considered as the original artists, the power of the genre. In the course of its development the athletes of organization the participated in various local, regional, Russian and international competitions, where becoming winners. In the hometown they actively develop and popularize active lifestyle, the community constructed five playgrounds for sports street workout in different parts of the city. The main part of the athletes is the juniors, because section "Theatre of Power" - FREE. Founder, coach, captain and inspirer - Andrey Polyakov! We look forward to a bright performance from "Theater of Power" at the World Championship. They really have a surprise for you!

Website: http://vk.com/teatrsily