Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center is a certified member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI and one of the most popular venues in Moscow for events.

Our complex consists of 10 pavillions that meet the highest international standards, with a total area of 27,300 square metres. Competition will be held in pavillion №3 the capacity of more than 5,000 people and an allowable floor load of 3.5 t / m2.

High service quality, well designed modern infrastructure and convenient location in the heart of Sokolniki Park distinguishes our exhibition center, which is one of the most popular Moscow venues for events.

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is located not far from the center of Moscow, near the highways and Sokolniki metro station. This provides convenient access for visitors.

Venue: Moscow, 5A/2, 5-iy Luchevoy prosek

Arrival of visitors and participants is carried out through the 3rd Luchevoy prosek. Entrance to the competition room will be indicated by signs.


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